Aerial Entities

High Weirdness


MARCH 1982

Got a ride home from the rollerskaing rink in Tooele, at night. Driving back home to Millpond, Stansbury Park with a girl from my neighborhood and her father driving. About 1/2 way home, (I am in the back seat) I see dancing white see-through beings dancing and flying over the top of the mountain range. I remember them being large enough to see they had faces. There were maybe 3-5 of them. I asked out loud what they were. My friend said, “Yeah, Dad, what are those things? What is that?” The Dad just maybe looked and saw them, maybe not, but said, “I’m not sure” or “I don’t know.” I was a scaredy cat as a child, so I probably stopped looking, just looked down at my dark knees. That was it, never talked about it to the girl again, I didn’t know her very well. The beings seemed to be having a good time, just see-through white, large, flowing smoke-like figures cavorting at the top of a stretch of mountain range. Over about the area of Angel’s Canyon approx.

Submitted by Erin M