Toots Tavern Hostel

High Weirdness


2005 (APPROX.)

Woke up with a gridded bruise on my backside. The dots were about a quarter inch or a little less. It was almost patterned into a perfect square only distorted on a scar I have. Something like 8 across and 6 down give or take. I looked up photos online and the only pictures like mine were that from a dream site and some UFO related sites with people with their photos and the year. Which was around the same year I discovered mine with about a 2 year difference. I did not sleep on a brush. I woke up extremely groggy as did one other person after I read their description online. I took a picture and still have it. Although the date would have been on an old phone the year was definitely 2015 as I was pregnant and it was before the fall.

Submitted by Sonja