Secret Cipher

High Weirdness


AUGUST 19, 2022

I have recently been exploring more magickal concepts and practices and I’ve had a string of synchronicities that are just to pointed to be coincidental. I live in a coastal town in Ventura County and have recently learned of its own strange stories that tap into paranormal and high strangeness experiences. I was reading the book, “Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts earlier in the week. I walk every day to the gym down a couple of blocks and there is a Free Little Library outside. I have interestingly found books on magickal topics which has been so awesome because I’ve been on a magickal quest. A few days after I had been reading the Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts I discovered an old book in the Free Little Library. The book is an original edition of John Steinbeck’s, “The Moon is Down.” I think old books are awesome and the title was intriguing, so I picked up. I opened it up as I was walking and noticed faint handwriting but it was not written in English or any language I recognize. To me, it appeared to be a cipher of some sort. I have never come across a cipher, especially something that just landed into my hands. It’s definitely strange and I think the synchronicities are further validating that I’m on the right path. Now, if I can only figure out what the cipher means.

Submitted by Maggie J