Light Without a Dude

Classic UFO, High Weirdness



On one of my night shifts at a small organic dairy, I chose to stay a bit late by myself one night to do a deep clean of the parlor room. Everything went normally and I got that place squeaky clean (yup, the glass surface would squeak for real with cleanness). I was waiting for my ride home just outside the front door, looking out over a roughly 120 acre field when I noticed what looked like a big flashlight out in said field. This dairy is literally in the middle of nowhere, so the chances of some dude walking through a pasture at 11pm was extremely low. I continued to watch and the light started moving in a way that an individual could not; drastically changing directions and moving very quickly. Noticing this, I quickly realized that this was not a dude with a flashlight, but a light without a dude lol. It would silently drift left and right, forward and backwards, and up and down (almost like it was looking for something) in no repetitious pattern. Once I accepted that this thing was strange, it started approaching the dairy. It slowly came up through the field and would randomly stop and do this odd “floating feather” thing. It would stop and kind of drift back and forth, like a feather does when it falls down. At this point I became extremely fearful and started calling my ride, hoping they were close. It came all the way up to the fence and stopped. I went inside because I started to freak out a little, and as I did my ride arrived. When I closed everything up the light had vanished and the driver said he didn’t see anything whatsoever. I later found out through the locals that this was super common and they even had a nickname for it (The Rover Lights). After telling people I saw it, I was inundated with all sorts of wild stories about things that had happened there over the years, and even met a MUFON field researcher that would visit occasionally due to the area being a “passion project” of his.

Submitted by Ryan A