Light Visitation

Classic UFO, High Weirdness



While on my way to the store from my apartment, I had multiple (3 to be exact) street lights go out as I drove under them. I have a weird relationship with electricity, but it felt like sign. I say this because with those lights going out came a thought that was not my own. I felt as if something was trying to get my attention, and because I’m all about the weirdness I listened. I felt drawn to the sky towards the southeast, so I kept my attention there while I (safely) drove towards my destination. Once I arrived, I looked up and noticed what I thought at first was an extremely bright star. As I gazed, I saw that this “star” slowly changed in size, as if it were “breathing”. While it was doing this it was also changing colors. It would change from a bright white, to a blue, to a purple, and back to a white. This wasn’t the same pattern over and over though, it was more like a totally random pulse between all of these colors along with mixtures in-between. As I started to realize that this wasn’t a star, I pulled up my star charting app and compared it with what I was seeing. There were no planets or stars that were supposed to be near where this anamoly was. It was at this point that I recieved “this is us”. I need to state that these things I was “receiving” were not spoken words, but almost feelings. Like the way we all feel when we’re told things (nothing specific, just in general) mixed very loosely with an intrusive thought, but not in a bad or malevolent way. I got the feeling of great love and understanding and verbally spoke “hi there I’m happy to see you”. I stood around watching the colors change for about 15 minutes or so, then went in to shop for groceries. The light was still there when I got out. I took a couple seconds before I left to “say goodbye” and drove home. This happened two more times, always in different parts of the sky and in no specific order or rotational pattern. I always checked my star chart to verify what I was seeing wasn’t a planet/star/satellite. Each time it happens I experience an odd electrical anamoly slightly beforehand and receive those same kind of messages. It is an ongoing thing. Overall, this makes me grateful more than anything. I look forward to my little visits.

Submitted by Ryan A.