Webster Countryside



SUMMER 2014 or 2015

When I was about 14 and my sister was 9, we lived out in the middle of the country in an old farmhouse. One day we were playing across the road in the windbreak and I had quickly gone back home to use the restroom. I made my way back outside and just as I was on the edge of the road about to cross, I heard my sister scream. Not the playful scream you’d hear from a kid around that age, but an awful gut wrenching “Help,” that made me immediately dash into the trees where we were playing and call out for her. I spent some time in there looking for her, but ultimately ran back inside to call my parents as they weren’t home at the time. That’s when I saw her sitting on the couch watching TV, totally fine. I had asked her what happened and if she was okay and she just sat there confused about my worry. I had told her that I had heard her scream, but she denied doing so and said she actually had gone back inside right after I had when I left to use the restroom earlier. She hadn’t gone back outside after that and somehow I just hadn’t seen her. I’m certain I heard my sister’s voice coming from those trees, but what I heard using it was not my sister.

Submitted by Brianna A