Family Home

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts


APRIL 2016

The house I know the best is my childhood home it has been standing for over 50 years now my grandfather made this house and died in it my grandmother wants the same but were moving by the end of the year and I want to recount some of the strangest things I’ve seen here. When I was young my mother, sister and I shared a room we somehow managed to cram three mattresses side by side with barely enough room to open the cupboards. Time moved on as it tends to do and the spare room that my mother used as a Salon was turned into my sister’s room. Another year passed and they wanted to turn the study into my room. I never slept there content to sleep in my mom’s bed I remember how scared I was of the hallway leading up to my room, I remember seeing shadowy figures just watching me at night towering just outside the door I front want to deal with that on my own so I stayed in my mom’s room. I remember one day my mother made a remark about how I never sleep in my room that was the day I wanted to prove to her that I didn’t need the safety of her room. I remember wrapping myself up in blankets back pressed to the wall and just staring at the cupboards across from me, I kept hearing scratching on the other side and knocking on the window. I remember having the feelin that somethin was on the other side of the door waiting I ended up crying and my mom heard me needless to say I ended up sleepin next to her. Things like that was a frequent part of my childhood along with the ‘hear someone call for you but no one actually called’ thing. The grandfather clock in the dining room that hasn’t been working even before I was born just starts ticking it usually doesn’t even last a minute but it happens. Last year I was up by myself in the lounge when suddenly the door handle leading to the rest of the house started rattling like someone was desperately trying to open the door and just didn’t know how. I panicked and locked the other door that leads to the lounge and hid until sunrise. I was panicked and full of adrenaline let it be known I am not a strong man. When I finally got the guts to look at the damage of being presumably robbed (If you wander why I didn’t call the police I was very unlucky to have my phone charging in my room) I looked around the house nothing was taken I even asked my mom, sister and gran if they heard anything and they said they heard nothing. Then my sister points out that a year before this we got broke into. Ghosty got humour 🙂

Submitted by Pest