Translucent Man

Straight Up Ghosts, Time Distortions



When I was about 18 I stayed in the College park apartments when I went to Southeast Community College. I lived in a one bedroom with my boyfriend at the time. We were sleeping in my bedroom, me closest to the wall, my boyfriend was sleeping next to a window behind/to the left of our bed. I got up around 3-4 am and looked over to the left and saw a translucent man looking out of our window, the lights from the parking lot outside illuminating his face. He was wearing what looked to be work clothing from the early 1900s. Baggy pants, a thick dark jacket and a bowler hat. He was staring outside my window with seemingly no care or notice of us in the bedroom. At the time I was Christian, and I just hid my face into my boyfriends shoulder (who was still asleep) and prayed the words “get that thing out of my house!”. I looked back up right after that quick prayer and the figure was gone. I woke up my boyfriend and told him what happened and he checked around the house for a possible intruder. We found all the doors/windows closed and locked, no one in the apartment but us. Now I see the man as someone who was in a different timeline, or dimension. That he couldn’t see us at all and to him, he was in a different location…or the same physical spot but in the past. He was just staring out the window with a look of aloofness on his face, and didn’t know we were there. This experience changed my beliefs about what is real in this world, I am no longer a Christian and I now believe in the existence of multiple dimensions.

Submitted by Sara Joy