Namozine Church

High Weirdness


APRIL 2012

I discovered this location while searching for a supposedly haunted church in Eastern Virginia. I had no previous knowledge of the church or its history. As it turns out, I was very far away from my original destination. The only way I can describe having ended up at this particular spot (which is very rural and off the beaten path) is that I was directed to it. It was a completely random find. I’m a sensitive but my husband is not and when we got out of the car, we both immediately heard sounds of the cavalry around us. We thought of it as residual, had our wow moment over the fact that we were looking for a specific haunted church, couldn’t find it and instead stumbled on a random haunted church. We left thinking we would investigate the history of this church and land a bit further when we got home. We did so and there were no reports of paranormal activity. Nothing. I provide the above to introduce the weirdness that followed. My husband and I are paranormal investigators. We have completed investigations in many private and public spaces all over the US. We are not prone to over exaggeration and have a healthy level of skepticism. So of course we went back to Namozine church multiple times. Nothing notable occurred again until our second to last visit. When we pulled up and started investigating, I felt very uncomfortable. A spirit was trying to channel through me. I don’t like that and I don’t allow it. I told my husband we had to leave now. I was in a panic. My husband was disappointed with me but agreed to leave. As we were driving away, we both felt an energy being pulled out of our backs. It’s very hard to explain but it felt like something was attempting to pull us back and it was pulling us by our “spirit”. Again, I’m a medium. I’ve had weird experiences my whole life. I’ve completed many investigations. I’ve never had this experience prior or since. I’ve no idea of what it was or what it means. Aliens? Vampire like? Earth force? Dimension switch? I don’t know. We don’t know. My husband thinks it was a ghost. I don’t think so. I have no idea what it was only that it wasn’t good. Something odd happened to us and I am putting my story here incase someone else needs to hear it. Thanks

Submitted by Dreamer