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JULY 21, 2022

After going outside for wufo, I went to bed about 1230. I wasn’t tired, but didn’t want to watch Star Trek, which house partner was watching. Also had watched Shatner doing some shark week stuff earlier. In any case, I had shut off my bedside light and was reading the article about the fifth force, on my phone. I kept noticing movement in the dark beside my bed. I was laying on my right side and I could see it out the corner of my left eye. I mostly ignored it. We do have spirits around, but they usually know and respect to leave me alone at night. But then the lighted clock on my so-clean turned on by itself. I didn’t move until it turned off. Then I turned my light on again. I admonished them to leave me alone and reminded them that they aren’t to bother me when I’m “off”, then I went back to reading. I did sleep well. This is the dream right before I woke up in the morning. There was a lot going on, as usual in dreams. Searching, scavenge hunting almost. Antique store is a thing to consider. At the end, three people were standing in an antique store or second-hand store. There was a three shelf display table in the middle of the room, among other displays. There were 2 items in a brown bag on that unit. Grey and light pink. They were sort of plastic, like a toy from the 60’s or early 70’s. Approximately 5×7, 1.24 inches thick. One corner was angled (think sd card). There were two designs cut out, that I could see. What I “know” is that they are made to be inserted or plugged into a console. And that they are programmed coordinates. (Like dragon/spacex) and the vehicle is designed to use these to go wherever. Just insert and go. I drew what I can remember (click to enlarge):








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