Phantom Dogs

Cryptoids, Straight Up Ghosts


JUNE 23, 2018

My mother and I were driving home from a night out, trying to go down the “side streets” to avoid the 6-7pm traffic. It was dusk, sun wasn’t fully set but it was still dark out. We heard about six dogs barking and snarling, and thought nothing of it because the cemetery is right next to a neighborhood. However, I started looking around once the sound continued from directly behind us even when we weren’t near any residences. It continued to get louder as if they were gaining on us, some kind of dog pack. My mom looked pale and asked me if I heard them, to which I said I did. Suddenly, just as we turned onto Columbus Pike to get to our neighborhood, the barking and snarling suddenly stopped as if someone hit a mute button. If I remember correctly, a couple were mid-bark when it went silent. The area around which is usually filled with birdsong, squirrel chatter, or even just leaves rustling was completely silent. It was extremely eerie and whenever we go by that area my mom occasionally brings up the “Phantom Dogs”.

Submitted by Corvin