Poltergeist Activity?

Dark Forces, Straight Up Ghosts



My friend called us to come over, she was scared and crying, she was home alone and wanted us to come over. She was doing laundry and put her detergent up on a white wite shelf, pushed all the way the to wall, then she bent over into the washing machine, while doing that she heard something call her name so she stood up. Right when she stood up her detergent came flying off the shelf where it would have hit her on the head. Shelf wasn’t broken or bent, the detergent wasn’t hanging off. Then the scariest parts happened. She wanted to go in the shower, so we hung out in her room and put on the radio, the radio started changing stations and volumes. (Her bedroom had issues in the past where they kept buying new TV about 3 or 4 bc they would turn off if it was on or turn on if it was off every night at 10 pm, they had the outlets checked, were fine) Anyway, after she came out of the shower and got dressed we heard creaking in her kitchen, she had about 20 cabinets on one was and on the opposite about 15, (the house wasn’t tilted) we shut all the cabinets and ran back to her room, within 10 seconds we heard creaking again and all the cabinets were open (not enough time for a human to open them all) we then ran outside and started jumping on the trampoline. After a few minutes I realized the girls had all run off. I looked at the tree and there was a man staked to the street through his wrists like Jesus was. He was tan, with a trucker hat on, work boots a plaid shirt and jeans. I looked away, looked back and he was gone 1 second flat. I ran and left her house. Was that a Poltergeist? I’ll never know, but all I know is I never went back to her house. That was the scariest ghost encounter I ever had.

Submitted by Sheila R