Night Noises

Straight Up Ghosts



It all started when my parents went to a church reunion and left my cousin my brother my sister and I alone in the house at the moment my uncle lived with us but he wasn’t home until 8pm so it was like 9-10 pm we were playing monopoly until till we decided to go get snacks When we came back to the room ,we started to hear in my parents room the door knob move like if some one was trying to go in the room but there was no one we decided to peek out the door but nothing it happened again 10 min later we ignored it ,it got to a point that we were so scared we called our uncle to see if we could sleep with him on the floor so we did at the time it was 12:15pm. And now we were laying down on the floor we heard the door knob move on the room we were sleeping in and my brother seen like foot steps under the crack of the door then 5 min later we all heard a big stump on sink we ignored it on the next morning we look ? at what that noise was there was a crack across the kitchen floor

Submitted by Marc