Freaky Fly

Strange Animals


JULY 15, 2022

This happened today before I left to work. We have a small fruit fly problem in our apartment. They usually end up attracted to the sink and toilet in the bathroom. Before bed last night I sprayed some Zevo fruit fly spray around and into the toilet (there were a few sitting on the rim and in the bowl.) After flushing the toilet once, I used some toilet paper to wipe the rim of the toilet and tossed the TP into the toilet. I didn’t flush it again. Cue to this morning when I go to use the bathroom. There where some dead flies in the toilet on the TP and a few floating in the bowl, also dead. I leaned in closer because there was a fruit fly that had sank the the bottom of the bowl/ tank, and it was actually walking underwater down deeper towards the bottom of the bowl. I watched its legs, which were longer than usual move one by one as it walked towards the hole where the water goes when you flush. It eventually crawled to a place where it was under the floating toilet paper and I couldn’t see it anymore. I flushed the toilet. If I focus on this too much today I start wondering if I am dreaming still and start having a minor panic attack.

Submitted by Wren