Triangular UFO

Classic UFO


MARCH 12, 2020

I was standing outside the bar with approximately 7 or so others around, smoking etc. Looking north I saw a triangular formation of ring lights, with 3 larger lights forming the points of a triangle, & 3 smaller ones at the midpoint of each side. I believe i could see a faint shadow outlining the shape of the craft, which was fairly large in the sky (est. 1-2inches from my POV). It appeared pretty suddenly, travelling in an arch up above/behind the building directly in front of me, seemingly changing the orientation of the craft as if it was turned sideways. the lights now clear and facing me, it hoovered in place for several seconds before looping back below the horizon at an extremely fast pace. i didn’t notice a noise, and was too stunned to say anything while witnessing it, but afterwards asked around and no one else outside had seen it. the only evidence i have is a quick sketch made directly following with the date/time/location.

Submitted by Venus