Mystery Arm

High Weirdness



I have no idea, to this day, what I saw. This happened the summer of 2021, last year. So, I am home alone [my husbands at work] other than my disabled mother. She is pretty much bed ridden and cannot walk without assistance, and even then, not far. I woke up on a Sat morning around 10am and decided to have coffee in my back yard. I have a hammock next to my garage, which is directly across from my back door. Which means I am in direct line of sight from my back door, appx 30 feet away. I also have 3 dogs. So I am sitting on hammock, having coffee and scrolling on my phone. Dogs are running around the backyard. All is normal. About 20 minutes later all 3 dogs run to the corner of the house and begin barking.. barking at the house. Odd. Then they all 3 run into the house and immediately back out to me. No barking inside.. Even odder.. So I look up towards the house like what is wrong with you guys? As I look up at the house I CLEARLY see a solid and physical person’s white arm reach across the open space, grab the door by the edge and swing it closed. Now I immediately think my husband is home way early and I think its weird he didn’t see me sitting there and he didn’t speak to me or the dogs. That would be very unusual in and of itself. So I get up right away and go inside to yell at my husband but he is not there. No car in the driveway, front door is still locked. I peek in on my mom, she is awake and confirms there’s no one in the house that she could see or hear. I have called family And my husband to also confirm no one was like here and ran away really quickly or what ever. I mean, the front door was locked so no one could have just walked in anyway.. I still had to ask. Again, to this day I have no idea what or who closed my back door. But I saw their arm (and just a hint of a body at the edge of the door) quite clearly with my own eyes. And now everyone thinks I am crazy.. lol

Submitted by Nikita M