Strange Activity and EVP (with video)

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I’m a paranormal researcher who took a course in Parapsychology at an Indiana University. I stuck with the group that hosted the course to continue doing research on all things woo woo for a few years after. At my 2nd time to collect data at this location, we got an extra woo woo occurrence. We were doing an EVP session. 3 of us were sitting on the bed in a room that belonged to a little girl who passed in the home. Visitors often left dolls for the spirit of the girl. I’m a hopeful skeptic of most haunt phenomena, but that night left me in serious “ghosts are real” mode. We had checked all of the dolls and set them aside to be sure none of them were going to ruin our data set or were hoax planted dolls by this location. None of them were motion activated. As we went through our EVP protocol in a session, a halfway deflated beach ball fell off the bed post and scared us pretty badly.

That’s not the weird part. We got it set back up, shook the posts with the ball on it and couldn’t make it fall without touching it, and tried to recreate how it fell on our multiple camera set up. After giving up and resetting the ball, we got the EVP protocol going again with the same three of us on the bed, again, not touching anything. We have this on multiple cameras from multiple angles, along with Our tests before and after it fell. We let everything settle for about 10 minutes before going back to asking EVP questions. I called out “if the same thing that made the ball fall is still here, could you please let us know by making a sound?” to the air. Another 30 seconds passed in silence. Then one of the dolls across the room in the pile of dolls we had checked let out a horrifying battery drained laugh.

The three of us on the bed were reasonably scared at that point. And got up to walk out of the room and the facilitator of the research group met us in the doorway of this bedroom after seeing us scared and hearing the doll from downstairs. He escorted us out of the room, and as we were leaving the room and going down the hallway, we heard another horrifying moan. It sounded, in person, like a zombie movie moan. One of our recorders actually picked up the sound, and when played back, it sounds like a Chewbacca growl. To this day, years after the event, each time we have gone to this location we have been able to provoke some level of pk activity or EVPs have been present. Now I’m not sure if I believe a ghost did it or if one of us has some psychokinesis ability and manifested it, or what on earth it could have been, but it was definitely one of the strangest moments in my adult life, and we have it recorded as close to a lab setting as you can get to in a fieldwork environment. Multiple stationary cameras. Multiple stationary recorders. Multiple witnesses in the room and watching live on our base camp DVR setup.


Chewbacca EVP

Falling Dolls

Submitted by Kajogles