Limestone Weirdness

High Weirdness, Stargazing, Straight Up Ghosts, Thin Places



This area has a lil bit of everything it seems. My own experiences include encountering energy vortices (though some may have been made through magickal practice as my partner and I lived there and he lived there longer than I and had done some interesting things with energy work), fae like creatures in the trees and strange lights accompanying, and a ghost. The ghost: A woman (relative to my partner) died in the neighboring building and her ghost has been seen by myself, my partner, and his family. Not only seen but interacted (nail polish spilled, her favorite dress missing and she being spotted in it standing up on the hill, then the dress returning like she borrowed it, and her face in windows and mirrors). The date attached to this post was the last interaction we had before moving. I saw the ghost up at the house, she seemed upset but we were used to her and thought it best not to interact.

Submitted by Dee