Strange Morning in Santa Barbara

Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Mythologies



It was 9:30 am. The weather was perfect as it usually is in Santa Barbara. We decided we would get out of the house and go on a walk to get some exercise. We drove down town and parked at one of the parking garages. Just a block away was state street, where we would walk pass the many different shops, while enjoying the view of the beach which we was headed towards. The street was empty of vehicles other than one or two parked in the loading section. The sidewalks was empty of people other than two or three wanderers. There was still half an hour left before the shops would open their doors to customers.

As we continued our walk the early birds were seen entering their stores to begin the process of preparing for the employees to show up. New merchandise has to be brought in and signed for so the shelves could be restocked. Cash drawers needed to be placed where the cashiers could retrieve them. Unfinished paperwork had to be taken care of while there was no distractions. The usual stuff that shops did early in the morning.

There was a guy standing off to the side near the street up ahead. He didn’t look like he was headed to work, early to shop, or taking a walk. Interesting. He just stood there in the shadows of a tree looking at nothing. Not that interesting, he just stood out against the emptiness. I bet we did too….

… I looked into the windows of the shops, curious to see what each choose to put on their window display. The clothing stores had their summer looks displayed on mannequins. There seemed to be a competition that took place between the stores. They all had a similar look. If you wanted to buy 6 dresses you might end up with 6 yellow ruffled skirt dresses since everyone was displaying their version of that same item. Shouldn’t they be displaying a variety of choices instead? So that they could convince someone that their green dress is a must have item ? That they should have both?

I had forgotten the strange man, he stepped out of the shadows and in front of my path shocking me and ending my day dream abruptly. He turned and walked in the same direction that we was going. The speed at which he walked matched ours exactly. There was two miles of empty sidewalk that he could do whatever he wanted to do on, yet he choose to walk as close to us as we was to each other. Anyone who happen to look our way would have thought we knew him, that we was a group of three. Keeping the pace, I struggled with what my next decision would be. I could slow down and allow some space to be created between us, I could pick up the pace and walk around him, but was it absolutely necessary? He wasn’t exactly disturbing anyone.

In an hour the sidewalk will be crowded with tourist visiting for the summer. People will be brushing against each other, and blocking each other’s paths, there wouldn’t be any chance of keeping a stride. I need to just stop making such a big deal over nothing. It’s just a coincidence that he stepped in front of me like that . my walk will be over soon and I will never see him again I told myself. He’s not the strange one, my anxiety causing me to focus so much of my attention on this guy waking instead of on enjoying the perfect morning walk makes me the strange one.

That thought resolved the issue. Half way down the block there was a woman to the right. She was standing in a corridor several feet away. The moment we was in each other’s line of vision, we took notice of each other. she walked directly towards us intending to connect paths. There was no doubt in my mind about it. They were together. She was ready to do it. I don’t know what it was that she was ready to do, only that she had been standing in the corridor hidden from sight intentionally.

They both hid in the shadows, waiting for someone to step into their trap? She walked up to him, her body inches from touching his. Her actions making it known they were together, yet He didn’t make any movement to acknowledge that he seen her. Neither did we. I had kept a straight face the whole time, from the moment he stepped in front of me. Not once did I show any signs of my anxiety, I appeared as if everything had been normal to me. I felt the guy saying wait, not yet. He said it with his mind and not with his voice or his body.

The plan didn’t work exactly as they had thought it would. He had an idea. Something that he believed would work. He was sure of it. The situation at hand was unexpected but all it did was delay them for a couple of minutes. It’s not that big of a deal. We kept walking as if everything was normal. We didn’t even see her. She stayed where she was and watched. She didn’t know what her next order would be. He told her to wait and be ready so that is what she did. This was something that they never encountered before. They was curious about us.

What had taken place was that they had an encounter with two people who possessed special abilities such as visions, prophecy, spiritual encounters, voice of warning, dreams that come true, and more. We didn’t react in the usual manner. As we walked, still behind him, I thought that anyone with even a little common sense would turn around because if she was any threat then they would be stupid to keep their back to her. My instructions was not to look back no matter what. Not to show them anything.

The man’s head slowly started to turn to the left. Please don’t look at me i thought. His head continued to turn. It didn’t matter how many times I thought don’t look at me it still turned. His head turned completely to the left without moving any other muscle. The angle he turned his head was sharper then I have ever seen before without having to strain his neck was impressive. He didn’t stop turning his head. I stared with unbelief. How far can he turn it? He was now walking forward as before but his head had turned until his face was looking directly at me. Still no other muscle has moved. I couldn’t blink. I didn’t look into his eye or allow myself to focus on his face. Instead I tried to see through and past him. As if i was unable to see him.

We continued doing that, me looking past him and him staring at me, for at least half a block. I wonder if he could avoid obstacle or if he would bump into them when he does that. Eventually he turned his head and faced forward once again. I had been telling myself to stay calm. There could be some rare medical defect that enables him to do such an impossible thing. Just because I don’t know about it, doesn’t mean it don’t exist. If he was to turn his head completely around, 360’ turn, then that would be something impossible. This is rare for sure, but not impossible. Watch he can’t do it. But he did.

I was scared. He might be stronger than me but I am a child of God and Through Jesus Christ I can do anything . I prayed for help. The answer that I was given was that some of the scariest looking creatures, such as the moth with wings that appeared to be big eyes, was the only trick they had. Fear. If he was going to do something why is he doing parlor tricks. Ignore him. Another half block and he leaves. My husband whispers. Did you see that? Yes I whisper back. We keep walking. Soon after I noticed some people at a bus stop across the street. A man lifted his leg. And it began to rotate. My husband whispers and that? Yes I said. Want to go? Yes I said. And we headed to the car and went home. I ask him, was it two guys he says no, it was the same. The girl was with him at the bus stop as well.

Submitted by “WakkiWoo”