Missing Time at Home

High Weirdness, Time Distortions



This happened when I was younger, so it’s a bit hazy to me. However, I will not be taken as a crazy fool here as I am in my hometown. I was maybe 7 or 8, and had just moved into my new house (I still live there now). I think it was probably a few weeks into the move, and it was a normal night. My father was downstairs watching the Penguins game, I remember that. My mother was sitting in her chair reading, and my brother was playing video games. I went to bed early that night, then woke up late at night. 12:34 A.M.(a distinct memory) was the exact time on my alarm clock, the first piece of evidence to support it WAS actually night time. The second is that it was dark out, and the third is that everyone in the house was still asleep. So, I went to the bathroom and did my business, but when I left the room, my whole family was up. They were getting ready for a normal day. I was very confused and told my dad I was sorry if I woke him up, and he looked at me oddly. I went back into my room, and looked at the clock on my nightstand. It read the time of 7:58 A.M. I was so utterly confused throughout the day, but eventually put it to the side to do my school work.

Soon when I arrived home, I went to my room, as always and found something horrifying. The cord that plugged my alarm clock in was… chewed? I found it odd because I didn’t have any cats at the time, and my dog was old and didn’t chew things. Plus, on the rare occasion he did, he couldn’t have reached the cord from behind my nightstand. It hadn’t been cut with a blade, as the sever from the plug wasn’t a clean cut and there were strands of wire still connected. I also think it was worth mentioning that it was “chewed” at the base of the plug, there being no doubt that someone (or something) had done it intentionally. Although I wished I had taken a picture of it, I couldn’t because I didn’t have a phone at the time. My mother threw the clock away, not letting me keep it, as it was “a waste of broken parts”. My parents also brushed it off as the dog too.

Submitted by “The ‘Delusional’ Kid”