Dream House

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VARIOUS – MAY 31 2022

I often dream of that place, I lived there for about 15 years. I know every little details around, but the weirdest one is a house. A house that only exist in my dreams. Every time I dream of this place I used to live in there is this additional house down the road, sometimes there’s more than one but this particular one is always there. It is supposed to be the house of an elderly person who’s either rarely there or rarely outside. The house is small and it’s shape is unusual. Often very ominous and guarded by a small yet rabid dog. The last encounter had a few differences, the most peculiar one is that once you are in front of the house you’ll see a few rows of new houses behind it instead of the woods. After that the dream shifted to another house up the road. This one does physically exists, although in the dream the interior was bigger and very impressive. The conclusion is that the mystery house is a mix of multiple existing houses around the village that merged into a new twisted house made of ambiguous energy due to the radical differences between the inhabitants and the backstories of their houses.

Submitted by Maor B-G