Nature Spirits

Straight Up Ghosts


MARCH 4, 2021

Nature Spirits There’s an area at the upper parking lot entrance where I work and where the few smokers go on their breaks. On quite a few of occasions when I’m alone up there, especially the mornings, I’ve sensed nature spirits in the area that weren’t so happy that the smokers toss their butts into the street and sewer drain nearby . On the first few occasions that I sensed this I told them I’d always pick up after myself. I also regularly acknowledge them when I feel they’re around. Just a little “hey, what’s up guys?” kind of thing.

The past week or so the amount of trash accumulating around there had been nagging me. Around mid-afternoon today I took a smoke break and took an empty box and trash-picker to clean up the area. As I was picking up the mess I apologized out loud to any listening spirits that I was sorry that people are such pigs. I finished up and started walking back down to work when something sparkly in the grass strip caught my eye. Now this is an area where there is little to no foot traffic and only a couple automotive technicians (and me) take smoke breaks M-F during the work day. It’s not a common pedestrian area where someone walking by with a crystal in their pocket or purse might drop or lose it. Hell, I’m the only weird one in a place of 100ish people or so who carries crystals/stones/talismans/etc lol. The thing most interesting to me is it had dirt on and embedded in it like something you might find naturally near a creek bed or some rocky area. Pics are a few minutes after finding it and then when I cleaned it up a bit when I got home this evening. I felt a sense of ambient happiness seconds after I found it (well, just after the initial WTF moment lol) and gave a heartfelt “thank you” to the nearby spirits for the gift.

Submitted by Jim Bud