Magic Animal Dream

Visions, Dreams, Etc.


APRIL 20, 2022

The dream begins at dusk time. I am reading a book to my son in bed and we are in the upstairs of a house I don’t know. The room is big and open with old fashioned windows all along one wall. All the furnishings and decor give it a modern yet victorian/antiquey feeling. The bed is parallel to the window with sheer white curtains against the wall. As we are reading, something outside catches my eye and I see a small spell sized candle that looked like a 6 sided light grey smokey quartz crystal in a gold holder burning and floating by the window. I point it out to my son and we are intrigued by it and continue to watch it. It is tapping the holder part on the glass in a morse code style. I don’t understand what it is saying so I open the window to let it in. It keeps floating near us and the flame keeps going out then coming back on. I am still trying to figure out what it is trying to tell me and I notice a man and a woman at the other end of the room. They have tarot cards and other spell items. I walk over to them and ask if they are going to do a ritual, they say yes then I say you have to wait until I put up some protection. I go about the room doing my protection thing and then when I am done tell them they can resume. I see the candle still floating then a huge black raven swoops into the room and lands on the couch then flies to my shoulder.

I felt very excited and the other people seemed frightened. It starts talking very softly in my ear in english. It felt warm and fuzzy and I thought that was not how I expected a bird to feel. It knew my name. I asked if it was Hekate and it said it was a part of her and was talking to me about something I needed to do or some information I needed but I couldn’t make it out clearly. Moments later a black cat with gold eyes appears and also starts talking to me in english. I asked if it was Hekate and it said the same thing as the raven. At this point the animals are talking so fast and I am not understanding what they are saying but I have the feeling it is very important. Then I hear a loud noise coming from the downstairs and I think oh my god what is that? I run downstairs. The raven is still on my shoulder and the cat is following. There is a dark wood door that leads to the outside with a cat door in it. I hear hissing and growling sounds and then a small kitten runs in through the cat door. It is long haired with green eyes, white paws and underbelly and a tabby looking back. I am curious as to what is outside that was making it hiss and run in so fast. Thinking I will see a raccoon or skunk I open the door but instead there is a large black creature staring back at me. It looked like a cross between a panther and a bobcat but with a more humanish face and smooth pointy ears. Immediately I was like oh fuck no you can’t come in here I am at my capacity for weird animal things. I slammed the door shut and started doing some sort of banishing spell but this had no affect on it and it instantly appeared on the inside of the door like physical barriers meant nothing to it. It said the kitten must be sacrificed and started going after the kitten. I was horrified and I wanted to save the kitten and I thought if I could distract it I might be able to save the kitten. We were chasing this thing around the house and the creature was about to pounce on the kitten then I woke up.

Submitted by Ashley