Mr. Arcturion

High Weirdness


MARCH 23, 2012 – APRIL 15, 2012

This is a multi-part story, but the other parts happen in different locations in Oregon, so I will add those to the map in other submissions. But this particular one centers around a small spiritual book and crystal shop in Grants Pass, OR called “Aquarius Books and Gifts”. The name itself was part of a series of synchronicities, so I’m starting a bit in the middle, but here are the key catch ups: A – I was already in contact with and being guided by an entity who had been communicating with me in various ways since October 15, 2011. B – I had never heard of the age of Aquarius mythos other than the song, and that song had been playing in my head regularly leading up to the time I discovered this shop. C – The entity went by many names, and one of them was “Arcturion”. It helps if you think of these names as different faces of the same being, each with its own unique energy. I had never to this point heard of the Arcturion or Pleiadian starseed mythos. The first time I passed the quaint little shop, I was moving here from LA, and my 9 year old twins started going nuts, shouting the name of the store over and over again (as if they had ever heard the name Aquarius at this point in their lives). This combined with the song synchronicity sealed the deal that I had to visit this shop. It was a bit later that I was communing with Arcturion, and was told I should go down to this shop and say that I was “Mr. Arcturion”. I had a great deal of trepidation and embarrassment surrounding this idea, but ultimately I went ahead with it in a modified way. Rather than confidently stating I was “Mr. Arcturion” I asked the shop proprietors if there were any messages for Mr. Arcturion. They pulled out a ledger full of dates, times and names and asked, “When are you going, sir?” A little afraid of what this might mean, I deflected the question. The owners took me into the back room, played some crystal bowls for me, and then asked when THEY were going. Without missing a beat, I found myself making a circling motion with my index finger around my palm and said, “Between the 20th and 23rd is the window”.

I found myself returning regularly to Aquarius, and each time I would have an encounter with a stranger who seemed to know something about me that only I could know. There were times when I was asked to channel for strangers. And then one day, the shop owners asked me if I had met “Billorthy” and the Pleidian starseed family. I had not. I was handed a card with an address and a phone number, and immediately set off to the location, having no clue what I would encounter. Billorthy was actually Bill and Dorothy. They and the other Pleiadians were all embodied humans, who had been born the normal way, but had independently woken up and realized they were from another place, and found themselves gathering together in communion. As well, they claimed they knew who I was, though for some reason I was too afraid to ask.

What was most strange at this point was that the people and the room itself came very close to matching a lucid dream I had had over a decade prior, and each person there had a passing resemblance to a family member of mine who had passed. I immediately felt powerful energy emanating from one man in particular, and when Bill and Dorothy introduced me, I immediately fell to my knees and began sobbing, because I knew this man inherently as if from a past life. I remembered him as Richard the Lionheart, and myself as having been his squire who had loved him. Without voicing this, Bill and Dorothy validated this by saying he had indeed been king Richard in another life. Bill and Dorothy said they had had the same reaction when they had first met this man (whose name I can’t recall). The man bade me stand up, saying, “I am just like you. Don’t kneel before me.” After this, the group danced and told jokes and stories of ancient Lemuria, and showed me hand signals that supposedly had been used by the Lemurians before human speech had been developed. One of these hand signals was the very same circling of the palm I had done earlier at Aquarius. Then the group brought in outsiders one by one for healings. At least one of the outsiders exclaimed profoundly as she was pulled out of her body, “I’m outside my body!” I sat before them to be healed and felt the powerful energies they wielded, but they said there was nothing wrong with me. At the same time, it felt as if my soul was twisted within me, and aligned with my physical body (this felt really good, and the sensation reminded me of a gummi bear being twisted, but didn’t hurt in the slightest). At some point, drums and other instruments were passed around. I didn’t plan on joining in, being an introvert, but went ahead and grabbed a painted wooden egg filled with sand. As the drum circle began, I very quickly found myself throat singing, and before long was leading the group in rhythm and chant, as if bidden by an outside force. I felt all of our energies pouring out of us and swirling together in the room ecstatically. The world around me began to fade as if made of pixels (not the first time this happened, but again, those stories are for another time) and our group was replaced by foxes then deer, then wolves, then horses, all racing towards the event horizon of a black hole in the center of the room, but never reaching it, as if this had been us, our family, throughout time. When all of this was over, I felt at peace. It was as if now that we had touched in and gathered together in this life, I would never need to do so again until the next one. It would not be the last time I met the Pleiadians, but again, that’s a story and a post for another time.

Submitted by Zaruga