“Men in Black” Near Miss

Classic UFO, High Weirdness


APRIL 7, 1970

On April 7, 1970, my younger brother rushed home to tell me that a black limousine (Cadillac make) had just jumped the curb at high speed in an attempted hit-and-run along Caldwell Avenue in New Kensington, Pennsylvania as he walked to K-Mart. Our ages were close and folks often mistook us for each other. He was wearing my jacket that day. I was eighteen years old and a senior at Valley High School, an intern announcer at WKPA AM radio, and an investigative researcher of the “flying saucer” phenomenon who was often featured on the Pittsburgh talk show circuit. My primary area of interest involved those mysterious strangers that appeared in the wake of Active Paranormal Events and UFO sightings. These strangers were referred to as the Men in Black or MiB. It would be easy to discount this early research as adolescent imaginings. But adult witnesses, witnesses with no interest or familiarity with the MiB mythology, were privy to many of these visitations and my experiences. In the larger scale of things, I was in contact with other amateur sleuths across the country, investigators of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of expertise. The MiB phenomenon noticed that we noticed it and reacted accordingly. It seemed as if our obsession with UFOs and the unexplained fueled these events. My professional interest in these “MiB” continues to this day.

Submitted by Robert G