Goblin Ghost-Slinger Barbershop

Cryptoids, High Weirdness, Mythologies, Straight Up Ghosts


AUGUST 28, 1895

From Oregonian newspaper, August 28, 1895, p.8 ‘On Union avenue, between East Ash and East Burnside streets, there is a well-known barber, who is rapidly acquiring the title of “Goblin Ghost-Slinger.” Every few evenings, it is reported, he gathers a few intimate friends in the rear of his barbershop, when he regales them witha. varied assortment of goblins and ghosts. Sometimes a friend wishes to converse with Dan Webster on the tariff question, and the shade of the departed statesman immediately comes forth. Relatives are accommodated with little private talks with departed uncles, aunts, etc. The other evening a gentleman who was present called up the spirit of the missing man, Webber, and the question was asked, “Are you dead?” The table was lifted from the floor and slammed against the ceiling several times, and then came down on the floor with a crash that came near causing a panic. The next question asked was: “Were you drowned in the Willamette river?” There was another fearful rattling of the table, and then quiet was restored. On still further inquiry, the information was obtained that he was murdered and the body was either sunk in the river with stones or buried on Ross Island. In a few days more definite information is confidently expected from the same source. The nerves of those who were present at the seances were seriously shattered. It may well be doubted if they again hold conversation with the departed. The barber grows fatter every day with his contact with the ghostly visitors.’

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