Foxfire at Foxfire Cabins

Classic UFO


JULY 2021

It was the second night during our stay at the cabins, and everyone was winding down from our barbecue to play a couple rounds of some card games. It was getting really late, and just as one of my uncles was about to take his kids back to their family’s cabin, they spotted something in the sky. It looked like a star, and it was about as high up as one, until it started descending slowly. By that point almost everyone (about 10 or so people) had gathered around watching this ball of light make its way down across the road from the cabins. We thought it could’ve been a drone, but aside from being a heavily forested area with no other buildings, the light took a sudden hard right turn into one of the hills, disappearing from our sight. We didn’t see anything like it for the following nights we stayed there.

Submitted by Lindsey