Devil’s Hop Yard Encounter

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts


APRIL 9, 2022

I was exploring in the woods and saw a figure in all black (even their face was covered in what looked like a black cloth mask) jogging back and forth between the trees on the trail ahead. As they were heading closer I stepped off the trail to let them pass, but when I did so the path was empty. Figuring they were behind another tree or something I waited for a minute but didn’t see a trace of the figure anywhere around where I thought they were. After a few minutes of waiting I decided to keep heading down the trail but didn’t see anyone else. After getting back to the trail head I waited in my car at the parking lot to try and see if the “person” I saw would emerge to come to their car, but didn’t see anyone matching the description for about a half an hour.

Submitted by Alex F