Sleeping Doppelganger

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts


JUNE 6, 2006

This happened in an apartment I lived for around 5 years, during the first 2 or so I lived there by myself after that my girlfriend then-wife moved in. After she moved in, something changed, it is hard to explain but you could feel like something else was there, with time she shared that she was always consulting fortune tellers, and all kinds of people to know about her future and to get “bad stuff” as she called it removed and always be “clean. As time passed things started to happen, small things first like seeing “something” in a corner and then seeing the dogs running to that same place to bark, noises with no reason and the feeling of something is around was more frequent so at every time you feel like someone was peeking over your shoulder, but it was not more than that until that one night. We had a king-size bed and we normally slept in the middle of it, that night I was having a hard time sleeping, for no particular reason, at one point I woke up and went to drink some water maybe around 1 am and all was good, fall asleep and then again around 2 am I woke up again and thirsty I went to get some more water and after some steps, I look back to the bed and to my surprise, I saw my GF and also myself there, I felt this shocked like I never before, I was scared and paralyzed like how I am there and here at the same time and I turned on the lights, then I felt like a big hit, like when someone is running and run over you. After the “hit” I opened my eyes and I was in the floor, around 3feet (1 meter) away from the side of the bed, the light was on and when my girlfriend who got awake at the time saw me she said: “What is that in your arm???”, when I looked at it, I had a mark like a big hand that grabbed me from the arm, the marks were for a big hand bigger than mine for sure Some people who have heard this story tell me I was just dreaming, but how about the finger marks on my arm, and how I got the light turned on?

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