Very Weird Morning

High Weirdness


MARCH 11, 2022

This was just a weird morning experience. I had been listening to a podcast the night before on the way home, and I distinctly remember hearing the podcaster tell part of a story about how they responded to a dream they had had by waking up getting out of bed and turning all the lights on. This morning the podcast had backtracked about 30 seconds to before the point i finished at the day before and the first part of the story was the same but instead he tells it differently, waking up with all the lights on. I pulled over thinking this is weird and different, rewound the podcast and listened again and it was still the same as what I had just heard. I thought it weird but maybe I had just misheard the night before or confused it with another podcast or something. So before starting off to work again I queued up the next podcast to run after this finished, because it was almost done. I stop to get coffee about the time the first podcast finishes, get back in the car and the next podcast starts, but its not the one that I queued up, but instead one about ‘reptilians’ which was weird because i hadnt even looked at that podcast or episode and was actually trying to avoid it because i find the whole concept too ridiculous. I let it play, not paying too much attention and get to work. As I am walking to the door two of the staff are holding a different door open telling me they saw a snake crawl in the door frame and asking me if I could get it out. The whole morning had a very surreal feel to it.

Submitted by Cornelius B