The Devil’s Causeway

High Weirdness, Mythologies



The road between Acton Burnell and Cardington is known as ‘The Devil’s Causeway’, as The Devil created this road in a single night. He is said to wander the road still, appearing to anyone who chooses to walk this path at midnight. He takes the form of a man riding a white horse, (sometimes with horns and hooves like a goat or cow) and judges the souls of those caught out late. If you have lived a good life, you may pass unheeded, living to tell the tale, and warn others of the dangers. However, if you are a wretched soul, the devil is free to beat you to a bloodied pulp. He literally smashes you to pieces and leaves you dead on the road. This seems like a very extreme fate- but I suppose that’s what the devil is all about.

Submitted by Amy B