Oswestry Frog Rain

High Weirdness, Strange Animals



The sources do not specifically state where in Oswestry it occurred, other than the ‘general area’ so for the purpose of this I would suggest it would be in the town centre. The summer of 1912 was a fairly warm one, The Stockholm Olympics were underway and life was going ahead as normal for the people of Oswestry. Despite the pleasant weather, There were intermittent heavy rainstorms all over Britain. In Oswestry however, these took a strange turn. It is said that one day in particular, within a period of two hours the town was bombarded with hundreds- if not thousands of frogs falling alongside the rain from the sky. They splattered the streets- leaving traces everywhere and no doubt grossing out the towns inhabitants. There was scarcely a piece of road or path that didn’t have bits of frog on them. However as soon as the rain stopped- any trace of the frogs remains disappeared- as if the strange rain never happened- greatly puzzling the town. .

Submitted by Amy B