Frog Well

High Weirdness, Mythologies, Strange Animals



If you’re travelling along the old roman road between Ruckley and Acton Burnell- be sure to keep an eye out for the Devil. half way down the bank there sits a ferny, flowery area which is surrounded by ancient trees of yew, holly and ash. Here a “beautiful springs drips from a rocky basin” and has been used as a well for centuries. Its waters are said to never fail and it has particular healing qualities for eye ailments. Its known locally as ‘Frog Well’ Though this idyllic scene springs to mind fairies or water nymphs- a more sinister creature likes to dwell. This creature is none other than the Devil. The devil is said to love hanging out at this well and is often accompanied by a few of his closest imps- his best mates if you will. Of course they all take the guise of Frogs to avoid detection. The devil seems extra cautious of this- so he hides deep in the depths of the well as a big fat frog. Perhaps he sees his time at frog well as his downtime away from his usual schedule of mayhem and misery- like a little holiday so he would rather not be bothered The imps seem a bit more laid back, and are often seen chilling out by the waters edge.

Submitted by Amy B