UFO with Arcane Glyphs

Classic UFO



This isn’t really a “classic” UFO sighting, but definitely unidentified and flying. I was staying with family at a cabin at a place near Ashland Oregon called Green Springs Inn. I had already been experiencing high strangeness and had been very open to an experience, but our stay was nearly over, so it looked like things were going to be disappointing on that end. I stepped outside onto the deck of the cabin, where there was a hill about a hundred yards away which was the view from the deck. As I watched, what appeared to be a flare slowly rose over the top of the hill, and then began vibrating in the shape of a crown. A parade of arcane glyphs scrolled by forming the shape of the crown (when I say scrolled, I mean like those old school LED signs that would scroll messages). I stumbled back toward the door and called for my kids to bring the digital camera (this was before we had a smart phone) but before I could even finish opening the door, the “crown” “squirted” into the sky diagonally, morphing itself into the shape of a standard jet plane complete with contrail and blinking lights. Since then, I can’t trust that ANYTHING I see in the sky is what it appears to be…

Submitted by Zaruga