Phantom Music

Thin Places


SEPTEMBER 23, 2019

TL,DR: I heard phantom music in the woods. In 2019 I decided to make an offering to the local spirits in the woods on the afternoon of the Autumn Equinox. I followed the Superior Hiking Trail from the Munger trailhead on Becks Rd toward Fon Du Lac. I’m not entirely sure how far I went out, but it was well past the Miller Creek Bridge. I just kept hiking until it felt right, then walked a ways off the trail to a little clearing on a hill. From where I sat I could see a bend of the trail so could see whether anyone came or went. About halfway through my offering, I suddenly heard very nearby what sounded like a wooden flute. It only played one…stanza? I’m not sure of the right term, but essentially it just played a short melody, did not repeat, and did not continue into a full song. That was it, I heard nothing further. No one else came or went along the trail the whole time I was there and I never heard any voices or indication anyone was out there other than this one bit of flute music. I had my dog with me and she became very restless during this time, whining at me like she wanted to leave. I sat for a little while after finishing the offering, then packed up and headed back to the trailhead. Again I never saw anyone, but what was very interesting to me was that on the whole way back, the woods smelled like incense and looked absolutely golden. It was beautiful. I’ve never experienced any of this or anything even like this before or since. I was fully sober, I did not use any mind altering substances of any kind. I’m convinced I had an encounter with The Other Crowd that day.

Submitted by Ellwood