West Side UFO

Classic UFO


FEBRUARY 24, 2015

This happened about 7 years ago when I was working the midnight shift at UPS on Pritchard road. I was heading home around 3am taking the back roads, when I got through the country roads and onto common wealth heading east bound I noticed a red light zooming across the sky. I had the thought that the military must be out flying jets since mayport has a naval base in that direction. My whole life I’ve always joked with friends or family when we’re out at the beach that it has to stop and change directions or zigzag to be a “ufo”. I had that same joking thought as I watched this thing hauling butt and boom it stopped instantly as soon as I had that thought. Then it started slowly approaching my direction. As I stopped at the intersection of Lane and commonwealth I could make out a triangular shape about the size of 2-3 cars maybe bigger. There were no other cars on the roads at this time so I pulled out my phone and called my wife being excited and in awe of what I was seeing. I explained everything I was seeing. At this point I had made the turn onto lane Ave going south. The UFO was now directly above my car and keeping the same speed as me, I got chills thinking if I really wanted to know what was driving this thing and why it was buzzing my car. I made sure to watch the clock and keep talking to my wife to make sure I didn’t lose any time. About halfway between Commonwealth and Romona I got the courage to look back up and noticed the triangle slowly moving back east. While it was above me I noticed it had three very dim/fuzzy red lights at each point of the triangle with a bigger one in the center. All three were connected and surrounded by black beams. While on the phone with my wife my excitement turned into fear and I did get chills which I rarely get. I have never seen anything like that before or after that night. I have been out fishing and hunting in the middle of nowhere both forest and beaches at night as well. Far and close to mayport and have never seen anything like it. I don’t tell many people about this experience but when I do I tend to add in that it could have very well been advanced military tech since I never saw what was piloting it. But I can’t wonder as to why they would buzz random civilians if so. Whatever this craft was moved as fast as a jet but made no sound whatso ever and was able to stop completely and move slowly without any noise as well.

Submitted by sasquantchy