Unusual Tree

High Weirdness, Thin Places


FEBRUARY 22, 2022

I was hiking quite farther than usual in the forest on my property. I assume I crossed property boundaries because there are no true markings of what’s mine or other’s property. I was deep deep in the forest, all seemingly uphill since I live on a mountain. Came across a very unusual tree. It was bent in on itself, almost completely in half. Just several inches from touching itself. Completely growing horizontal, but still standing and growing. Nothing was on it to cause it to bend in such an unusual fashion, like some tress do when there’s another fallen tree on it. Completely free standing. Near it on the ground was what looked like irrigation pipe for plants. Reminder- this was far away from any type of building or source of water. Deep in the forest where no other people are. Very strange.

(VIDEO HERE: https://www.tiktok.com/@salted.toes111/video/7067791864748952878)

Submitted by Sedona