Sierra Sky Ranch

Straight Up Ghosts



Sierra Sky Ranch started out as a cattle ranch in the late 1800’s but bit by bit the land was sold off until just the homestead remained. In the 1920’s the ranch house itself was converted to a tuberculous hospital and remained this way until the World War II broke out and was turned into a rehab center for wounded veterans. After the war it was converted into hotel lodgings and though it has changed owners over the last few decades remains as such. The ghost of an old ranch hand, Elmer, can be both seen and felt at the back of the property. Guests have complained about hearing children running up and down the halls at night though no children are staying. It’s thought these two are the ghosts of two children who died from tuberculosis there. Their nurse Sarah also died from the disease and can be seen looking out from the window of her old room, presumably looking for her lost charges. Finally there are the ghosts of two former cooks in the kitchen and workers here have reported a heavy, almost negative feeling in the air and it is thought these two do not like each other.

Submitted by Weird Fresno