The Devil’s Chair

Dark Forces, Mythologies, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



The Stiperstones is a place that is synonymous with the Devil. Here amongst the hills, stands an imposing rocky outcrop, known locally as the Devil’s Chair. It is said that the Devil was heading back through the hills, after spending some time in Ireland. He carried large stones, in his apron pocket, which he was planning to use to fill up a valley known as Hells Gutter, which was not far from the area. Hell’s Gutter was believed to be a direct gateway to hell, and the Devil was fed up with people wandering into his domain! However, as one can imagine, carrying stones comes with its own set of challenges. It had been a long journey and he was beginning to feel the strain. Quite suddenly, His apron strings snapped, scattering the stones around him. One of these stones stands out far more than the others, and the Devil uses this for his chair. The Devil uses this chair as an outpost to watch over the whole of the country and tries to force the stone back down into the earth. When he succeeds, it will bring about the fall of England. It is generally believed to be a dangerous place, particularly on the longest night of the year. This is when the devil sits and calls forth all the counties’ followers, Witches, Warlocks, and cruel spirits, to judge their misdeeds, as they partake in the most important black mass of the year, culminating in the election of the king of Evil for the following year.

Submitted by Amy B