The Hermitage of Saint Saturnin

Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Thin Places, Visions, Dreams, Etc.


2010 – ONGOING

The Hermitage of Saint Saturnin (Ermida de São Saturnino) is a 12th Century ruined structure situated between Sintra and the sea. It rests on the base of a rocky mount topped by the Peninha Chapel – also known as Chapel of Our Lady of the Rock (Penha), a later structure from the 16th century. In 1918, a Romantic Revival residence was added to the complex by a wealthy landowner called António Carvalho Monteiro, who also owned the Regaleira Estate near the centre of the village of Sintra, rumoured to be part of local Masonic Lodges and aware of the location of the Holy Grail. While visiting this area around 2010, two strange occurrences took place. The first, in the Hermitage, where energy orbs were observable both in digital cameras and the naked eye, paired with a heavy feeling of dread and despair. Inside the Hermitage, there was also a burnt carcass of a goat hanging from the ceiling. The second ocurrence took place inside the Peninha Chapel, where I met a local guide who explained the history of the site and indicated that the Holy Grail’s resting place was indeed somewhere tucked under the rocks under this very Chapel. Visiting the location a second time in the following week, upon relaying the occurrence to a second guide outside the Chapel, they guaranteed that the building had been closed for months and no one had been inside other than for maintenance.

Submitted by Superstition Saturday