Life-Altering Visitation

Classic UFO, Cryptoids


APRIL 12, 2018 – ONGOING

I was in my office, which was a fully lit 10×10 room with no external walls in the middle of the house. I was playing video games late into the night and had achieved something that felt major at the time. I logged off of the game, absolutely elated, and decided to check my email before going to bed. I had a yeti blue mic on a boom and some nice headphones on. The mic was on, because I had just been playing with a group on discord, and hadn’t turned any of it off yet. The mic’s gain was pretty high and I keep feedback on to hear myself, but the mic picks up background environmental sounds if the source is close or loud enough. I heard my door creak open behind me and heard heavy breathing. I assumed it was my dog, Lucy, because the cat would occasionally let her out of her room. I was in such a good mood that I just turned around with a smile, ready to invite her in. My dog wasn’t there. Instead, only about 6 feet away from me, an ETs head and upper torso peered into the room. It’s hand was wrapped around the door’s edge as it leaned into the room. It’s almond shaped eyes were dark, black pits that inspired deep, deep fear (possibly just because of cognitive dissonance?). It’s skin was smooth and grey, with a head shaped like a guitar pick, somewhat hollowed cheeks, and a slightly protruding mouth. There was no distinguishable nose or ears to my memory. The fingers appeared somewhat long. I backed my chair into my desk, trying to evade in a room where the only exit was the door with the entity my reptile brain wanted to escape, saying “no no no” repeatedly with widening eyes. I pressed myself backward into the chair as best as I could, but my fight or flight response kicked in, and realized that flight wasn’t an option. I grabbed the nearest thing that I could find, a small hand carved cane from 1934, as a defense tool, and looked back. As I did, those same eyes froze me in place. Then the being withdrew its head and hand slowly, exiting the room, and closing and latching the door behind it.

I was in shock. But then I realized that my wife was just across the hall, and my body sprung into action. I opened the door to find her sleeping. She turned over, barely awake from me flying into the room with a phone flashlight, and asked “what are you doing?” She hated having her sleep disrupted, but I had to check the room. I asked her if she had seen or heard anything (without giving any info), and she said “no.” Then rolled back over and fell asleep. I quickly and quietly checked the room to find it empty, and then searched the entire house, including every door and window lock. Empty. No sign of anything. I decided to sleep on the couch just in case it came back, and kept the light on. When I woke up the next day, my wife asked me what all that was about. I told her “I’m not sure if you’d believe me.” We had several strange occurrences in this house, from voices that we could both hear coming from our kitchen while lying in bed or human footsteps walking down our hallway, into our room, and next to our bed, to doors that would open or lights that would turn on on their own – right in front of us, with no reasonable explanation. I assumed she’d guess something ghostly or spiritual, because we had wondered if something was roaming our home. But no. She immediately said, not asked, but said “it was an alien, wasn’t it.” I was flabbergasted. “Why would you say that?” I asked. “I don’t know. I just have a feeling, like I just know that’s what it is,” she replied After that, I had wondered if I just had a one time schizophrenic episode, or a delusion, but I could recall every detail of what I saw very vividly. I questioned my sanity, but also waited for the men in black to show up. Nothing happened. At least not right away…

Not long after, my ears started ringing all of the time. I had hearing tests performed, which determined that I have near perfect hearing, and the audiologist determined that I probably had tinnitus. But…when my ears would ring, I would receive messages. They weren’t audio-visual or technical, but rather felt like knowledge being dropped into my brain. I called it “knowing.” I could correctly predict the time with no context or awareness of it down to the minute. I received knowledge of shapes that I had never seen nor heard of before, but drew out, and later discovered to be something called a merkabah. I was given information that my father in law would fall ill with something serious very soon, and told my wife to cash him a lot. He was hospitalized two weeks later and diagnosed with a terminal illness. I received other information – some pointing back to ancient religions/mysticism, and others warning me of trivial things. I could connect with people, even over the internet, and tell them accurate details about themselves that made them uncomfortable. These weren’t vague, like “something big is coming in your future,” but very specific, liked “you…live alone, but you’re thinking about moving back in with your parents. Sorry, parent. I’m sorry about your dad’s heart attack. I can see why that would leave you debating whether or not to move back.” The accuracy would freak these internet friends out to the point that they thought I was hacking them (I’m nowhere near capable of hacking into my garage if I forget the code, so there’s no way I’m hacking someone’s computer).

The messages came until I entered a dark night of the soul. The story is surprisingly longer and even more fascinating, with additional witnesses and visual/physical manifestations or thought implanting, but I won’t go into that here. That night in my office changed my life. I went from being a somewhat progressive protestant, secure in his faith, and clinging to the idea of conservatism to questioning the very foundations of reality. It’s been an interesting ride, and I wouldn’t take it back for anything. I feel foolish for having resorted to fight/flight responses, and I would love to meet these beings again under similar circumstances in order to convey my apologies for our last meeting and gratitude for everything they’ve given me. I hope it happens some day, but it’s now 3.5 years later, and despite many invitations, I haven’t seen a thing

Submitted by Dave D