Spring Street Deer Spirit

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts, Strange Animals



This took place at my old Somerville place. I rented a room with several other people on the 2nd floor. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Anyways, one day at work one of my supervisors gave me a deer skull with antlers. She had rescued it from a dumpster across the country some time ago and randomly felt compelled to give it to me. I was very happy to take it and promptly put it on my altar. I don’t remember exactly when, but maybe about a few days to a week later something weird happened: I woke up in the middle of the night to find the deer skull FLOATING about 2-3′ off the altar. I stared at it like, “whaaaat?” and then a few seconds later it carefully lowered back down onto the altar. It made no sound and did not move anything else on the altar. The next day I mentioned the experience to a psychic. They told me, “there’s a bullet hole in the skull and the skull was moved across the country? The deer is probably lost and confused.” Apparently the deer spirit knew coming to me could help it. I was supposed to bring it back to the woods. So I took the skull on a little trip to the woods. I walked a ways in to find a quiet and secluded location. There was a nice little space under a fallen tree that seemed appropriate. I placed the deer skull in there with a couple crystals and herbs to help the deer spirit find its way home, said a few prayers, and left. That was the end of that experience.

Submitted by Maighdlin