Shadow Person

Straight Up Ghosts



A brief one: I saw a shadow person one night. Distinctly human-person shaped, not an ambiguous shadow. It even behaved very human-like. I was in the same bedroom that the orb, tapping, and benzoin throwing incident happened. I was in bed and woke up for some reason in the middle of the night. I looked up to the hallway in front of me and could clearly see a shadowy figure of a person peeking into the bedroom. It looked like it was mostly in the hall and was peeking in with its head and shoulders visible with the rest of its “”body”” behind the wall. Its shadowy arm was held up on the door frame. It looked just like a human peering into the room as if to check if I was sleeping, but shadowy. I don’t remember if it was transparent or completely opaque. Dark grey ish, black ish shadow. As soon as the shadow person saw I was awake and saw that I saw it, it quickly darted back into the hall as if it was “caught”. Very strange! I started sleeping with the door closed after that and didn’t see anymore shadow people. Maybe this is what tapped my foot twice in the other encounter I submitted? Who knows… I didn’t feel any negative or creepy energy. Pretty neutral albeit startling encounter.

Submitted by Maighdlin