Scary Truck

Dark Forces, High Weirdness



One night my wife and I left her parents’ houses and traveled route 140 to get home. I don’t remember what we were talking about, but I do remember we were joking and laughing. Mid laugh, I caught a glimpse of an odd truck parked at the entrance of the UPS distribution warehouse. It stuck out to me because although it was dark, it seemed to be a really old, beat-up pickup truck with wooden structure built on the bed. It’s lights were off and it was parked facing the road which also stuck out because that lot has an entrance and an exit, so he was faced the wrong way. It gave me enough of a vibe that my previous elated mood dropped a peg or two; it sort of reminded me of the truck from the awful movie Jeepers Creepers. It would have been easy enough to shake off and forget about, but we were less than half a mile from where I saw it when I suddenly realized it was tailgating me. It still had no headlights on, but the read of my rear lights was reflecting off the grill which was mere feet from my rear bumper. Now my wife and I were both very freaked out. I sped up but he kept right up with me. My mind raced wondering what kind of psycho would be driving that close behind me at night with no lights on. I decided that, knowing a traffic light was ahead, I would slow down until the light turned yellow and then gun it through the intersection leaving him at the red light. I did this, and it seemed to work- but my victory lap was short-lived because in the space of 30 seconds he was again about a foot or two from the trunk of my car! As I approached Main Street in Shrewsbury, my last ditch effort was to get into the left turn only lane and fake a left turn, then cut the wheel and continue straight on 140. This actually did work as he continued left and I sped off towards the highway. I spent the rest of the drive home keeping a close eye on my rear view mirror, but didn’t see the truck again. It was a harrowing ride and I was a bit shaken by it- what was the point of any of that? Who was driving that truck? Whatever the case I hope to never be chased by it again.

Submitted by AP Strange, Liminal Ambassador