Phantom Milkmaid

Straight Up Ghosts



The Darwin Shopping centre is in the heart of Shrewsbury town. During the construction of the building, a rather tragic ghost was unearthed. The builders began hearing strange, unexplained noises. They felt uneasy in certain areas of the construction site. Then, she began to manifest. The builders on the night shift began to report sightings of a young milkmaid, carrying with her a yolk and pail. She would walk around the building site, as if in a trance and repeat – “Weight and measure sold I ever, Milk and water sold I never” Again, and again and again. When they would approach her, she would disappear. This unnerved the men so much that several refused to carry out the work. When this apparition was looked into, it was discovered that there had been a milkmaid sentenced to death in 1600 for supposedly selling watered down milk. She had pleaded her innocence throughout the short trial and vowed to haunt the spot to prove herself free from wrong. Perhaps she was trying to get the builders on her side, in hope she could finally clear her name.

Submitted by Amy B