Naples House Weirdness

High Weirdness, Straight Up Ghosts



Four different weird encounters that happened while house sitting in Naples, FL between 2020-2021. I don’t remember the exact order these things happened in or what specific dates unfortunately. One was a small grey, shadowy orb that I saw after I woke up. At first I thought it was a residual dream, but I then watched it move up the wall until it disappeared into the ceiling. It was somewhat see-through, maybe like 60% opacity. I don’t have a photo of the orb, but I took a pic of the area where it happened and drew exactly what I saw so I can send you that if you want. Another time in the same room, I felt someone tap my foot twice right after closing my eyes to go to sleep. It usually takes me a while to fall asleep so I wasn’t dreaming. The first time *tap tap tap* I was like, wait, did that just happen? Then again, *tap tap tap*. As if someone was trying to quietly wake me up or get my attention. It was not my girlfriend – she was asleep on the opposite side of me. It was not my cat either, she wasn’t in the room. It felt like it was a human hand not a cat paw. I was creeped out, but it didn’t happen a third time. A third incident which was a bit more poltergeist-y. Also in the same room. I had a tin of benzoin resin that was thrown across the room by some invisible force. I did not see it happen, but I was in the room at the time and I heard it. It absolutely did not just fall. It had been placed in the back of a wooden crate. It was thrown to the other side of the room. Nothing like that happened before or since though. The last one is just weird as heck, I have no idea what to make of it: I was making a regular ol batch of boxed brownie mix. I mixed everything up myself, poured it into the dish, baked it. All went normally. However, after it came out of the oven and I took a few bites, I suddenly had a bone in my mouth. It was about 1″ – 1 1/2″ long. No idea what from. It was super gross! Especially because I was vegetarian at the time. I did not eat anymore of that brownie. Now this couldn’t have been in the boxed mix. There was no sign of it at all while I was making it. I used to work as a baker so I definitely would have noticed while mixing or pouring!! This was my least favorite of the weird experiences at this property haha. A bonus that is probably nothing paranormal, but still creepy: every so often, usually around 11pm, you could hear dozens of barking coyotes. But not just in the back yard by the woods, it would sound as if the whole house was suddenly surrounded by them. As soon as you opened the door they would stop, but I never saw any run off. They’d seem to vanish.

Submitted by Maighdlin