Literal Vortex

Randonaut, Thin Places


MARCH 4, 2021

I had been struggling with a medical malady that doctors couldn’t quite get to the bottom of, and that day I had recently listened to a podcast about healing vortices. I found the concept and terminology a bit woo even for my taste, so I was being slightly tongue-in-cheek when I asked Randonaut for a “healing vortex” but I was open to anything at that point. The pin dropped not far from my house, in what looked on the map to be a forested area, but when I arrived I saw there is a path leading off the road into the woods, straight towards the pin, so in a went. To the right there is a small stream/creek and going a little ways in, right by the Randonaut pin I encountered a small pond on the left of the path. I could see that normally this was a runoff ditch that would pass through a tube under the path and drain into the creek on the other side, but at the time the tube was clogged up by dirt and debris and only a small amount was making its way under. The result was a small persistent standing whirlpool in the pond, also known in fluid dynamics as… a vortex! I sat and watched it and meditated with it (hey I was feeling hopeful) for nearly an hour, and took some short videos which I still have, before moving on to explore the rest of this secret little wooded glade (which I’ve since had some other weird experiences in). I unfortunately can’t say I was properly healed, but I can’t deny that I asked Randonaut for a vortex and it brought me to a literal vortex.

Submitted by Nate