Odd Church/Dream Entity

Cryptoids, Dark Forces, High Weirdness, Visions, Dreams, Etc.



I lived about 15km away from this small town for most of my life. Lots of old buildings, some more or less abandoned that looked stuck in the past. The weirdest part is probably the Church. It used to be two buildings, a church and a chapel next to each other, but one day a lightning struck the bell tower, not only that but the roof also. collapsed soon after due to poor maintenance. (No casualties at all thankfully) During the reconstruction it was decided to merge the two buildings into one (you can actually see it with one of the doors being placed in a narrow space which the two building merged). The strangest part is that the church’s unusual shape make it face both the East like it should normally do but also the South. Moreover, there is a few houses placed like an isle near the church, one of them used to make it difficult to get around the building with a car, but after the owner passed away it was bought by the town and destroyed. There’s a lot of things like that going on in this town that would take time to get to, but what I mean is… Something is feeling off since a few days. I had a very blurry dream with some kind of human sized doll, like an animatronic or such roaming the Main Street. I cannot remember anything clear about it, but now the whole town feels very odd. Even a thousand of kilometers away I have this restless feeling this entity is there. It’s not even aggressive, it just seem to lurk inside those few buildings linked to the past.

Submitted by Maor B-G