Lyndonville Air Force Station

Classic UFO, Thin Places


JUNE 9, 2019

On top of a mountain in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is a decommissioned AFB and radar station. My partner and our two friends spent the night on the roof of one of the still-intact towers and watched the skies for several hours. We’d been told by the landowner (we met randomly on the way up) that the place is known to be haunted, full of UFO activity, and even on the ground some strange things have been reported. The man was friendly and welcoming and encouraged us to look up. As the night finally got dark in the middle of that June evening, the stars came out, and so did something else. White and glowing just brighter than the surrounding stars, two different lights blinked above us and moved at right angles throughout the sky. The blinking wasn’t any sort of pattern and seemed random, and as soon as one would appear it would blink a bit, move one way and then 90 degree it another before blinking out. This went on for several minutes before we were too exhausted to carry on, but the place has a reputation for all manner of bizarre sky activity and that being up on the tower roofs makes one an easier target for *whatever’s out there*. We’re lucky for what we witnessed.

Submitted by Full Dark Amy