Crow Magic

High Weirdness, Strange Animals



We take Our daughter to Marvista park in Normandy Park almost every weekend. One day we were walking around and noticed a ton of crows in a tree. My wife told my daughter to “Look at all of the crows”. This woman with black and purple hair overheard us and told us that she had been training them for the past 18 months. She then proceeded to tell us to watch her when she left, for a “show”. We dismissed her for a minute and thought to ourselves “ok…….” But then, sure enough, she got in her car and about 30-50 crows followed her to the nearest tree. As she drove off, they all followed her. Flying right above her car, down the street as far as we could see. She was gone for about 5-10 minutes when I went to go put my daughter’s bike into our car. I noticed her drive by again. The crows were still following her! flying above the car. Her head was hanging out of the window, talking to them

Submitted by Bailey